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mediCAD Mobile

The digital hospital is the way of the future.
mediPADS and other instruments for mobile data exchange and networking are gaining new capabilities every day. They save time, improve quality, and are increasingly effective for use during pre-operative bedside discussions.

We work with selected partner clinics to develop mobile planning tools based on standard tablet computers. These solutions are useful not only during daily hospital routines but also as a way for doctors to perform planning tasks when and where it is most convenient for them. They also offer a great way to present and discuss the planning or results of an operation with the patient.

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mediCAD mobile gives you direct access to planning regardless time and location.

According to American market researchers, more than 80 million tablet computers will be used for medical applications in 2016. Users of these devices save tremendous amounts of time.

X-ray images, analyses, PACS images, planning files, and a wide variety of documents can be used directly at the point of care.

As a result, the doctor is able to give the patient or her family members highly specific information with professional-quality image support.
This improves transparency, builds trust, facilitates discussion of decisions, and enables inclusion of third parties for a more collaborative atmosphere.

Mobile orthopedic work – with the mediCAD mobile App

More and more physicians and clinics run tests regarding a mobile working environment. Fast and modern access to patient data and applications relieves the workload, reduces the work process and increases the quality of care.
New work methods are developed. Instead of pushing a trolley filled with files through the patients’ rooms on the medical round, physicians access relevant patient info via Tablet PCs. Data like x-ray images, preoperative surgery plannings, postoperative courses of treatmants can be retrieved and displayed with just a few clicks.

This quick access to planning data during the pre-op discussion or debriefing simplifies the work, since physicians can not just retrieve data, but also enter data directly in the future. Furthermore, doctors of different hospital departments can access the sama date simultaneously. "The surgery plannings are always available where the physician needs them and works with them. Now, the surgeon is able to show and discuss all CT recordings and implant plannings directly in the patient’s room on a Tablet PC - before, after, after multiple years...".
Using mobile devices will allow for more freedom to conduct an efficient and transparent physician-patient conversation, with all currently available information.

mediCAD mobile communicates with all HIS and PACS solutions

Based on an open and flexible platform, the mediCAD mobile App can be used with various backend systems, such as hospital information systems or imaging systems.
mediCAD mobile extracts all relevant clinical data from the systems and visualizes them on the mobile device, which is connected to the intranet via mobile network (3G, 4G) or WiFi.

All data is available online and offline.
The physician can choose his own best method of work.
If the device is lost, there is no risk of data falling into the wrong hands. Authorization checks and access protocols offer additional protection against unauthorized access.

mediCAD mobile service for hospitals

Physicians and hospitals who are interested in working with the mediCAD mobile App, can run a free trial. For Android devices, it is available for download at the Google Play Store. "Easy use and operation of the app, without further IT knowledge – that’s the beauty of it"

If you are a doctor and are interested in participating in development of this product,
then please contact us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel. +49 871 330 203 0


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